OBA-094 Cuckold Hot Springs Vacation – As The Steam Heats Up, There’s Adultery In The Water – Reiko Makihara

Censored version Reiko’s husband Tatsuo fell sick years ago and she’s been bravely nursing him ever since. One day, their only daughter Asuka and her husband Hayato invite them to go to a hot spring known for its healing abilities, and they readily consent. Tatsuo begins to feel better in the clean air of the springs. Seeing her husband doing better, Reiko allows herself to enjoy the hot springs as well, shedding some of the stress she’s accumulated over the years of taking care of him. But Reiko doesn’t know that some “disaster” is about to befall her body in the next few hours…. Rate and discuss this video with other people

Date: July 31, 2022
Actors: Reiko Makihara